During 2012, we are planning to employ 7 agronomists for technical support, for the following areas: northern Bačka and northern Banat (Subotica), Mačva and Kolubara region (Šabac), southern Serbia (Leskovac, Niš), eastern Serbia (Zaječar), western Serbia (Požega), southern Banat (Pančevo).

Although we have already been present at all previously specified terrains, we consider that in the future it is necessary to contact directly the producers and farmers due to better coordination and technical support for the agricultural pharmacies through which the major part of the turnover would be done.

Due to these reasons, we are planning to buy 5 new delivery vehicles: 2 trucks and 3 vans for distribution of our products to the distribution centers. With the existing vehicles, that will make more than 20 various vehicles for delivery of goods.

We also regard that the existing range of works created the atmosphere for creation of department of marketing and usage for quality informing of both our clients and distributors, as well as producers.

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